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FAQ's - Bookeeping Services

Here is a list of bookkeeping frequent asked questions (FAQs) that we receive from our online users.


What kinds of projects are usually outsourced to Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services?

We have worked with various customers who have outsourced projects ranging from simple bookkeeping to high end financial analysis including:

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Does outsourcing mean losing control over the entire project?

Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services takes over the responsibility of completing the project with a specified requirement set, budget and schedule defined in the contract. But that does not mean that the customer loses all control and visibility on the project. A daily status is sent to the customer for the work done for that day.

There are key phases in a project where customer involvement is mandatory such as query solution for entering a few transactions, expense or income categorizations, etc.

Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services also signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client as well as the employees to protect your intellectual property and maintain confidential information. This is normally part of the Contract Agreement.

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Who are your main customers?

Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services has customers from around the globe operating in different verticals like Banking and Finance, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate Management or any other. In case you are interested in knowing more about specific domains and customers, please mail us at

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Can you continue doing my project from any stage?

Yes, we do undertake projects from any stage, though we prefer involvement starting at an early stage.

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Do you have fluent English speaking representatives?

All our employees communicate in English.

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What happens if I am unhappy with the progress/ability of the employee(s)?

We will be directly responsible for the team which is working for you. If you are dissatisfied with the output of the employee(s), we can either modify the process or provide you with a suitable replacement.

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What sort of pricing strategy do you have in place for development projects?

Our pricing model basically differs for each project undertaken based on your requirement. However, the general format for pricing is common and as follows.

For your convenience, we offer 3 different types of pricing options:

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What is the procedure for initiating a project?

The primary steps towards initiating any project activity with us would be to contact us via the inquiry form provided on the website and to send in your requirement and other required details. Within 24 hours of the same, our sales team will get back to you to confirm the details of your enquiry. From that point onwards, a dedicated team of ours will be in constant contact with you to take our relationship forward.

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How do I send my work to you?

Usually, our clients send us the documents (invoices, receipts and bank statements) via e-mail, fax or e-fax for accounting input. In case of larger volumes of data, we also have the facility of data transfer through FTP. We also work online where the clients give us access to bookkeeping function in their systems using "gotomypc" or "remote desktop services". This reduces the turnaround time and is beneficial for ongoing projects.

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I don't prefer to outsource the entire Accounting and Book Keeping activities of my business; instead, will I be able to subscribe only to your Bank Reconciliation Service?

Depending on your requirements you can outsource the entire accounting bookkeeping activities of your business to us or opt our assistance for specialized domains such as General Ledger maintenance, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Statement preparation, Payroll processing and Trial Balance sheet preparation.

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Will I have to purchase any high-end computer or any other device for you to work remotely?

You don't have to invest on any additional equipment; the computer that you use for your regular work will be enough.

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Other than software packages such as QuickBooks ®, Simply Accounting, MYOB, Peachtree, etc. can your professionals work on customized applications and web based Bookkeeping and Accounting software provided by us?

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Our professionals can carry out any type of bookkeeping and accounting projects. They have undergone training in accounting systems, accounting processes, accounting controls and accounting principles including US GAAP. They are highly adaptable with customized applications and web based Bookkeeping and Accounting software provided by clients.

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What are the measures adopted to ensure security and confidentiality of my business adopted?

All Accounting and Bookkeeping processes are designed to ensure foolproof security and confidentiality for the data and information provided to it through stringent privacy policy implementations that conform to international standards. We also have our employees sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at the beginning of any engagement which is based on client specifications. We are also ready to adopt any additional measures suggested by our clients.

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How qualified are your employees?

The accounting professionals at Hi-Tech FPO have a strong foundation and the requisite chartered accounting certifications to carry out any type of bookkeeping and accounting projects. All of them have undergone training in accounting systems, accounting processes, accounting controls and accounting principles including US GAAP.

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What are processes adopted in Bookkeeping service?

In the first step client sends the input documents to us. They are analyzed and the work is allocated to our preparers. The documents are organized and fed into the system by the preparers. In the next step the documents are reviewed and then forwarded to reviewers. If any correction is required at this stage, they are forwarded to the client with review notes. The work is then evaluated by the Project Manger and the perfect work is forwarded to the client.

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How do I pay you?

We accept payment by the following methods:

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What are my next steps?

Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services is ready to engage with you in this Bookkeeping Process. Whether you are switching from another Bookkeeper or you are starting a new business, we are there to help you throughout the entire process. We shall be able to restructure your accounts for prior years if they are not accurate.

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Our Clients

Our Clients


First, I would like to say thank you very much for very aggressively tacking this problem during this challenging period over the weekend and holiday to help us meet our audit timeline.

- Hal Lasell

I received your email with the financial statement attached. You have done a great job. The work is clean and professional. It's very easy for us to file our taxes now.

- Alex

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