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Case Study 1

We entered more than 8000 transactions from documents received from the client within 15 days. The entries were to be done in a pre-defined excel format as designed by the client and then into QuickBooks.

Scope of the work: We defined a format to be worked in Excel and QuickBooks together and completed the work within the period required by the client.

Quality criteria and our performance: Client expected a Turnaround Time of 15 days and a good accuracy level, which was achieved by our bookkeepers. As a token of appreciation, we received a bonus as per the client’s email.

Details of the project:

QUANTITY OF WORK : More than 8000 documents including bank statements, receipts, etc.
TYPE OF WORK : Bookkeeping and Finalization of Accounts
SOFTWARE USED : QuickBooks and MS Excel
WORKING STAFF : 2 Full Time Bookkeepers and 3 Part Time Bookkeepers
INPUT : PDF copies of bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, bills, invoices, etc.
OUTPUT : Completed QuickBooks file and MS Excel file in specified format
CLIENT CONDITIONS : To complete the work in 15 days for submission of accounts
BONUS : As per client’s email

Case Study 2

Client requirement was handling the entire accounting work from basic entries till calculation of taxes to be paid as well as filling the required reports for government submission.

Scope of the work: The services included entering stock details in the software for the said purpose, entering accounting transactions in the accounting software (MYOB), calculation and processing payroll, maintaining stock, calculating taxes to be paid and filling BAS to be submitted to the ATO. Overall handling of the entire accounts function.

Quality criteria and our performance: This is an ongoing project where we are managing the entire accounts function and the quality criteria is very high. We have always met all the deadlines for each day of the week as per client requirements.

Details of the project:

TYPE OF WORK : Bookkeeping and Accounting
WORKING STAFF : 2 Full Time Bookkeepers and 1 Part Time Bookkeeper
INPUT : Bills, Invoices, Stock Details, Time Sheets, etc.
OUTPUT : Completed MYOB file and Sysnet
CLIENT CONDITIONS : High level of accuracy and quality

Case Study 3

The project was to calculate the current profitability of each product and we were supposed to calculate new rates based on the cost details provided by the client and a proposed mark-up.

Scope of the work: We calculated the product-wise profitability and reviewed the cost details and made the assumptions as required for future. We also included other cost details including payroll taxes, etc to arrive at the total cost. Then using the mark-up rates, we set the rates for the client to sell the services.

Quality criteria and our performance: Client expectation was to earn a profit of XX% and it was to be achieved within 2 days. Once the rates were approved, this is an ongoing client with other bookkeeping and accounting work being done by us and the rates project is a regular project as well.

Details of the project:

QUANTITY OF WORK : Calculate rates for the various types of services provided by the client.
TYPE OF WORK : Financial Analysis
WORKING STAFF : 1 Part Time Bookkeepers
INPUT : Cost Details, Current Rates and Mark-up
OUTPUT : Rates as per mark-up
CLIENT CONDITIONS : To complete the work in 2 days

Our Clients

Our Clients


First, I would like to say thank you very much for very aggressively tacking this problem during this challenging period over the weekend and holiday to help us meet our audit timeline.

- Hal Lasell

I received your email with the financial statement attached. You have done a great job. The work is clean and professional. It's very easy for us to file our taxes now.

- Alex

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